The Roman Geira, mile XXXIII

The Roman Geira, a roman path built in the year 75ad connected Bracara Augusta to Asturica Augusta in Spain.The Roman mile (mille passus, lit. "thousand-pace"; abbr. m.p.; also mille passuum[n 2] and mille) consisted of a thousand paces of two steps each. The ancient Romans, marching their armies through uncharted territory, would often push a carved stick in the ground after each 1000 paces. Well fed and harshly driven Roman legionaries in good weather thus created longer miles. (Wikipedia)

Fórnea, steephead valey, Aire and Candeeiros mountain range

A steephead valley, steephead or blind valley is a deep, narrow, flat bottomed valley with an abrupt ending. Such valleys arise in limestone or karst landscapes, where a layer of permeable rock lies above an impermeable substrate such as marl. They are created by a stream flowing within the permeable rock and eroding it from within, until the rock above collapses opening up a steep narrow valley which is then further eroded by the stream running across the impermeable valley floor.

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Corta da Mina, São Domingos mines, Mértola

The São Domingos Mine is a deserted open-pit mine in São Domingos, Alentejo, Portugal. This site is one of the volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, which extends from the southern Portugal into Spain. The Romans mined in the São Domingos area for gold and silver for about 400 years.

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