Google StreetView Trusted presentation

Hi all,

Presently I’ve got a good opportunity to give you visibility in Google and, therefore, excellent visibility towards your customers. Last month I engaged in StreetView Trusted for Business. This opportunity for me creates, also, a unique opportunity for your business by creating a showcase of imagery of superior quality according to Google standards and, of course, according to your business standards as well.

To fill you in:

GoogleMaps StreetView gained a new attention by Google and obtained a principal brand by Google named “Google Streetview”. Programme “Google Trusted Photographers” was renamed to “StreetView Trusted Photographers” and I am one of the first photographers to have access to it.

Significant changes to your business:

  • A “open door” in Google Streetview, 24h day that shows your real and maps visitors your space, decoration, superb quality, ambiance.
  • A “see inside” aside the “see outside” you already have created by the GoogleCar. If you wish, a custom “see outside” in case the GoogleCar does not show your door properly.
  • StreetView integration allow the use of your “see inside” just with a iframe.

You just need a Google Mybusiness account with the verified address.

About me:

My name is Rui Pedro. I got photography as my semi-professional occupation for a long period of time. I’m the only contributor to where you can see my photosphere’s. Photosphere is the name StreetView gives to 360×180 imagery that make up a visit in StreetView Trusted. My interest in panoramic photography started long ago and i’m always trying tu push the boundaries.
You can check my facebook page in this link.
To learn more about Google Google StreetView Trusted click here.
To see an example of a “see inside” tour availablein Google StreetView click here.

I’ll be happy to join you in a meeting, to join you in your business address and to create a photosphere. Later on i’ll provide an interactive link so you can try it.

Best regards,

Rui Pedro